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As a start for our ungoing blog series 'Drupal and web development' Christoph from 1xINTERNET gives a quick primer on useful methods and modules for Drupal 8. Read this on how to make the best out of software architecture patterns and how to use the Drupal tooling to get up to speed.

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Software Architecture Patterns

Software Architecture Patterns by O’Reilly Media

Mark Richards published a nice short ebook about software architecture patterns on O’Reilly Media. It gives a nice overview and selection criteria for common patterns such as

  • Layered Architecture
  • Event-Driven Architecture
  • Microkernel Architecture
  • Microservices Architecture Pattern
  • Space-Based Architecture.

You can get the ebook at O’Reilly Media.

Drupal 8 Render Pipeline for Newbies

Drupal 8 adopts most of its functionality from the Symfony Framework to implement modern PHP standards and is a platform for more developers to enter the Drupal Community.

Drupal 8 Render Pipeline is the sequence of steps through which Drupal 8 generates a response to an HTTP request. In this post from Zyware Technologies they show what’s going on under the hood of Drupal 8.

Introducing Drush CMI tools

PreviousNex extended Drush with some useful commands such as drush cexy and drush cimy. Very useful, check out their blog post.

Drupal 8 Paragraph Modules

Admin screen parade moduleParade is a Drupal 8 module that delivers a set of useful paragraphs. There are paragraphs for multicolumn text, text image, paralax effects, leaflet maps, and many more. They also built a demo page, that illustrates the use of the paragraphs.

Bootstrap paragraphs offers a compehensive set of paragraphs such as tabs, carousel, accordion, modal, and many more.

Paragraphs Preview provides a rendered preview of a paragraphs item in a pop up while on an entity form. Nice for enhancing the editor's user experience.

Bricks is a Drupal 8 module that offers is a new way of building pages on top of Entity Reference, Display Modes, Layout API, tabledrag.js and Flat Tables. Everything is in Drupal core that makes Bricks ultra-lightweight and developer-friendly.

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