The official group photos for #DrupalCon Vienna
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Drupalists as far as the eye can see! The official group photos for #DrupalCon Vienna. … Photo by Dominik Kiss

Last week I visited Drupal Con Vienna. The conference started on Monday with summits organised by the Austrian Drupal Community. This was a different format than past years and a big success. Tuesday till Thursday was packed with great sessions, bofs, meetings and networking and then it all ended on Friday with a energetic sprint day.
In this blog post I want to highlight some of the great moments I experienced during the conference.

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Community Summit - European Drupal Events working group
Community Summit - European Drupal Events working group

Monday summits

On Monday I attended the Community summit. I participated in an interesting workgroup in the community summit where the focus was on Drupal Events in Europe. Shortly before the Drupal Con, Megan from the Drupal Association (DA) announced that the DA would not be doing an European Drupal Conference in 2018 due to a loss in previous years. For many of us, this came as a surprise and therefore the focus of the community summit was mainly on this topic.

It was very clear from the beginning that the European community finds it highly important to have a yearly Drupal Conference in Europe and that the community should work together to find a solution while the DA is rethinking the format of the official Drupal Con Europe. The energy in the room was amazing and people were focused on the topic. The discussions continued in various BOFs during the conference, which I will come back to later in this post.

Drupal EuropeDrupal Commnity summit

Prenote - Driesnote


Traditionally, the morning started with a prenote organised by Jam, Campell and Adam. Jam invited me to the stage to tell the audience about our multinational culture at 1xINTERNET. If you think that is stressful, then you can imagine how it was to sing the Drupal Frozen version of Let it Go at the end of the prenote.

Directly afterwards the room filled up and the founder of Drupal, Dries Buytaert, went on stage to do his traditional #Driesnote. The topic this time was the current status of Drupal and how it’s growing on the market. Some of the findings are to be found in the annual business survey. Dries also made it clear that Drupal is no longer for everyone, and the focus is more towards enterprises and larger web projects.

Shortly after the Driesnote I did my first Drupal Con session which had the title "Creating business value with Drupal". The session was part of the business track and focused on how we pitch towards large organisations and/or enterprises.


Sessions / Bofs / Networking / Social

deGov booth

The next three days were full with exciting sessions, bofs, networking- and social events. One of my highlights was definitely our deGov booth which received a lot of attention during the conference. Together with publicplan and reinblau we spent hours at the booth and explained the deGov distribution to attendees. It was great to meet so many new people and listen to their experiences from all over the world. 


orlowatches at commerce guys

Another highlight was the CommerceGuys booth. In April we launched three Commerce 2 webshops on the same day and the Commerce Guys asked if they could use one of them as a case study at their booth. Their booth had a big photo of which is a multi store Scandinavian watchmaker with both B2C and B2B webshop we did for a danish client.

Let’s not forget all the great social events in the evenings, it's always fun and inspiring to meet fellow Drupal friends after conference days somewhere outside of the conference venue. It’s correct when people talked and tweeted about Drupal Con Vienna as #Schnitzelcon. During the five days, I had Schnitzel for dinner at least three times. Luckily my health app shows that I also walked total 44 kilometers during the conference.

* Proud *

Team 1x at DrupalCon Vienna

One of the highlights of the conference were witnessing our enthusiastic team members enjoying the Drupal Con. Melinda, Artem and Martin got themselves certification in Drupal 8. Artem took it all the way and became a Grand master in only 2 days. A Grand master means that he got certified in all three advanced tests in Drupal 8.

The team also organised their own training session as well as they met with peers from all over Europe to discuss various modules and methods.

If you are wondering, Martin didn't receive his luggage when he arrived in Vienna and therefore he couldn't wear his new 1x #drupaltshirt on the team photo. The question still remains: "who's beer is it on the photo?" :)



Melinda certification

What was extra special for me was to see how Melinda has grown the year she’s been with us. It is exactly one year ago since she knocked on the door at 1xINTERNET and told us she wanted to change her path in life and start programming. She had done some online html courses and was ready to dip into the world of building web projects. The team welcomed her and since day one she has been observing and learning with the result, that on Thursday she completed the most advanced Frontend Specialist Drupal 8 certification from Acquia.

Melinda certainly deserves this as she has been working hard in the past year to get to this level. It was also great to see how she got caught in to multinational Drupal community. The Hungarian Drupal community welcomed her and made sure she didn't get homesick during the conference :)

The future of Drupal Con Europe

European Drupal event organisers

The hottest topic during the conference was the future of Drupal Con Europe. I attended many different bofs and discussions and the energy of the European community wanting to create a European Drupal event in 2018 was very clear. Like I mentioned above, the DA has announced that they will not organise a 2018 Drupal Con. Instead Megan has assembled a group of 8 people, including myself, to advise her on the future of Drupal Con Europe. This was probably my greatest personal highlight from the conference, as I care strongly about the community as well as the future of Drupal in Europe. I volunteered for this position as I want to actively participate in the discussions.

I think it is very positive that the DA put together a group of different people that have experience of organising events and local communities in Europe. The work just started and we will share information with you as soon as we have a plan. 

In the meantime there is an initiative forming around Drupal Europe 2018, which will focus on creating an European Drupal Event in 2018 that serves all stakeholders of the European community. I truly support this event and I’m looking forward to a new Drupal Europe event in 2018. For those who are interested, follow the twitter account:

On top of that we have so many great camps coming up in 2018 which are represented by all those great people in this picture. See you at their camps!


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